FAQ & Contact


The members of this group, London Museums of Health and Medicine, are happy to receive your feedback and questions about:

  • museum activities, events and services
  • volunteering, internships, work placements and jobs
  • donations

If your enquiry is directed at a specific museum, please contact them directly. Contact details for individual museums can be found on their pages, accessed via the 'Find a Museum' tab.

Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions can be found below. Alternatively you can email the webmaster directly at [email protected].


I am looking for work experience / an internship / a job
Please consider which of our member museums would be most suited to your area of knowledge, skills or interest, by looking at their individual pages and/or external site, and contact them directly.

Most members advertise their vacancies publicly, and they may not reply to speculative applications.


I would like to volunteer in a museum
Several of our member museums rely on volunteers who assist with tour-guiding, room invigilation and documentation projects. Please consider which of our member museums would be most suited to your area of knowledge, skills or interest, by looking at their individual pages and/or external site, and contact them directly.

Please do not be put off if they cannot offer you a role straight away. Be aware that most of our members are unable to assist with expenses.


I would like a valuation / I have an object I would like to sell
Our member museums are unable to offer valuations. We would suggest that you contact an auction house or antique dealer directly to both value and sell any items.


I would like to donate an object / papers
Many of our member museums rely on donations to expand or improve their collections.

Please send as full a description as you can of the item/s and how they came to be in your possession. We would also welcome jpeg images (maximum of 1MB size per image, and no more than 4MB per message). We will undertake to circulate these details to each of our member museums and, if any are interested, they will contact you directly.

Alternatively, please contact the most relevant museums directly. Please do not send or deliver items to our museums unless requested to do so.


I am studying the history of medicine – which of the museums has a library / archive I can use?
Several member museums have library and archive collections. Others are attached to parent bodies that also run specialist libraries to which public access is permitted.

Levels of public access and terms of use will vary, so please check first with the relevant library.

College of Optometrists (British Optical Association Library): one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of modern and historical optical works in existence, containing some 6,500 optical books and pamphlets.
Royal College of Physicians: a host of dynamic and up-to-date resources that reflect the RCP's current work, policy interests and long history.
Wellcome Library: one of the world's major resources for the study of medical history with a growing collection of material relating to contemporary medicine and biomedical science in society.